Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Convocation Day

Yeah, you might wanna know what's up with the convocation day and me, right? I've just started studying, then suddenly convocation day..

As you all know(or don't know), I've joined the UNIMAS Orchestra and we will perform performances during the 2-day Convocation Day this weekends. I'll be playing piano. The songs are Stand by Me and Semerah Padi. The practice will be an everyday practice in the evening which is very tiring cuz after class, must go and practice piano like some kind of mad person. The instructor expects more than what we have given. I guess it's alright but the less-than-a-month practice is not a very good thing cuz we do not have enough time to prepare ourselves 100%. Crazy.. Less than a month, I tell you... Sheeesh..

Anyway, it's just around the corner and we have to give our very best in this. We will perform too many songs this weekends and I just don't know how we're going to do it but we will do it. Let's hope we don't mess this performance....


I guess I've updated this very much. Not much too say since I've been very busy all week plus I have to find these 20 specimens to be put into a jar containing ethanol and the assignments of other classes as well. *drop dead*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Awesome Life in UNIMAS

Hello guyzz... I am so sorry for not updating this blog for like ages and I know Kishi really wishes to kill me right now for not updating this..huhuhu...

Well, after the orientation for about a week at Allamanda College, it's time to go and learn something new at the faculty. As you all know, I take Zoology course under the Zoology Department at the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology. Quite a few students in this course. About 47 of us here. There's also an orientation for us 1st years for Zoology course. We went to the Matang Wildlife Centre for 3 days and 2 nights camping there. Creepy place during nightfall... Lots of fun there, watching beautiful sceneries and all. On the 1st day, we had theis 'Burung Pungguk' game which is a game that we have to blindfold ourselves and follow the leader's voice. There will be people around us trying to distract us by making a lot of noise and voices altogether. Quite an annoying game, really...

The 2nd day, we went for jungle-trekking. We were travelling to this amazing waterfall which is about 2km from our campsite. Ugh...leeches everywhere. Lucky for me those leeches were unable to suck blood out of me. After the jungle-trekking, we went to the place where they captivate animals. Orang-utans, gibbons, leopards and so on. Then, we have some activities during the night. We had to capture birds, bats, frogs and insects to study them. The bats were just too cute. Birds must be really smart cuz we're unable to catch one except for the other group which caught one but 'terlepas' the birdy. Really want to 'pancung' that person's head off.
The 3rd day, barbecue time!!! There were activities in the morning and barbecue and it was time to go back to UNIMAS. It was such an awesome orientation. After the orientation, everybody is very friendly towards each other and by the time I realize, we are like a family now.

After the orientation, there are still things to learn and study, activities to do and such. I join the UNIMAS Orchestra(play the piano), BAYU(Badan Budaya UNIMAS) Gamelan and KEKAL(Kelab Kebudayaan Allamanda). Yeah, I know. All of the above are Arts related clubs. I love arts as much as I love science. I want to balance the usage of the left and right brain. It's very important, you know.

UNIMAS is quite huge and as it is very near to Kuching, every weekend(if I get the chance), I will drive to Kuching along with my friends. Yes, I do drive and I'm the driver...not them. They have no guts to drive a car as small as Kancil or Kelisa to as far as Kuching. Huhuhu... I do not complain about this. I love driving...especially auto cars. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Psycho....

Although it's rather tiring but I can learn so much from my seniors and professors and I enjoy this everyday with my friends.

That's it for now. I'll update this blog soon with more recent news although I cannot promise you.