Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Saturday, May 23, 2009

PC Games Througout My Life

You know something, I think I'm addicted to PC games. No... I AM addicted to PC games. Who doesn't? Since I've nothing else to do apart of helping my mom with house chores, playing video games has been the #2 'duty' at home. I'm so bored I feel like screaming my head off. This is the 2nd time I've wished that I'm in university doing something that will make me busy to get it done or something. I love getting myself busy, if not.... Prepare the ear plugs. I'm gonna SCREAM!! I hate not doing something. Anything to make me occupied. I've been playing Nancy Drew Detective PC games for days now. For years I've been playing this game actually. My sister started it first somewhere in 2001 or 2002. She bought Nancy Drew in the Final Scene. Game #5. This game has many 'episodes' or something like that. Then we bought many others for the past years. I've played...

#3: The Message in the Haunted Mansion
#5: The Final Scene
#6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand
#7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
#8: The Haunted Carousel
#9: Danger on Deception Island
#11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor
#12: The Secret of the Old Clock
#14: Danger by Design
#15: The Creature of Kapu Cave
#16: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

I've cracked the case of 'The White Wolf of Icicle Creek' yesterday. Now I'm off to buy Case #17: Legend of the Crystal Skull. I can't seem to find the other missing cases. Downloading them is such a waste of time. Buying them for 'cheap' considered worthy.

Yahoo! Games are nice to play too. I, especially, love playing Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, Cooking Dash, Fashion Dash, Sally's Salon, Sally's Spa and so on. All this need to be faster-don't-make-the-customers-angry games are nice. I need to find another 'Dash' games, if available at that game store.

In spite of playing these games, I also love playing action games meaning like the Harry Potter games. Quite nice although it is quite scary. Yeah, go on and laugh. I kinda dislike games like Warcraft and such although I know how to play them. Keep on losing those of the factors of me disliking them.

Games that can make my brain active throughout the day is fun. Like the Bejeweled 2 or Bejeweled Twist or match-the-same-colours-in-threes-and-score games. Hey, sometimes those games get my eyes and mind bamboozled. Similar to the find-the-hidden-things-in-this-room games. Really make me sick. The things are just too hard to find but I like playing them. The plot of the games are of the factors me liking them.

About the Nancy Drew games, you will get addicted to them when you're started playing them. Very cool! You're going to be Nancy Drew and investigating the place like a real detective. Oh yeah! Hardy Boys games are also out but I haven't buy them yet. I will, one day. From the same company. HER Interactive. You won't be bored playing them, I assure you.