Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Friday, May 1, 2009

Long time ago....yeah, right...

Hello everybody!!! I'm being sarcastic for no reason and it's not even funny. -_-'

What shall I tell you guys? Oh yeah!! You see when you're moving to somewhere else there are many stuff you need to pack, right? I just discovered my old diary when I was 7 years old. So, I like...WOW!! I don't even remember what things I wrote in it. So, read this....

Saya akan bercerita tentang saya rajin. Pada suatu tengah hari saya pergi sekolah. Saya sudah pergi sekolah dengan kawan saya. Nama dia Nabilah. Saya rehat dengan kawan saya 3 minggu sehari. Saya dengan kawan saya sungguh gembira. Saya dengan kawan saya selalu bermain dengan Ketiswary dan Fathiah. Saya sungguh gembira dapat kawan bersama. Pada suatu hari ada kawan saya bernama Karliye, Shahida dan Azreeza. Itulah kawan saya. Saya pun main dengan adik saya bernama Farah. Saya pun gembira dapat nombor 3. Saya pun gembira mendapat kawa-kawan yang baik.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Ok, that was me when I was 7. This one is my sister's when she was 5. Read...

Pada hari itu saya melawat ke Muzium Pekan dan pergi ke padang polo pekan lepas tu kita melawat dan menegok di Pantai Sepat, Pekan. disitu kami makan berehat makan angin, adakan pernah melawat di sana di Pekan Kuantan? lepas melawat kami pun balik pada pukul 1 tgh.

Everything that I just typed is exactly the same from the diary. Well, I remember that I disliked writing into diaries cuz my sisters love rummaging my stuff and read my diary without permission. Such rude sisters. Oh well. I still dislike writing into one. So, you can guess that I don't have a diary so how do I keep all my histories from the past till now? Pictures worth a thousand words.

I read and laugh till tears came into my eyes. So, this is ME and my sister when we were young..