Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back in the Nest I am, shivering in my coldest wonder how on earth am I suppose to earn extra money in this short period of time? Well, can't say I didn't think about this back in campus but it is quite impossible with all the schedule and things my mom has planned. GOD!! I really wanna earn my own money!!! I feel so horrible keep on using the government's 'money' that they 'loan' to moi(keep on talking British accent huh...?) *sigh* Days I've wondered to keep people around me happy while I, myself, am gloomy. I just recently discovered that if I'm in a bad mood, people around me especially my friends will avoid me. Woah! What am I? Do I have this 'aura' people can feel or they just see my face and say,"Run!!!!" Whenever I'm in the faculty just doing my own thing without a single friend beside me who doesn't want to be with me when I feel alone, people will constantly watch me without blinking. They really kinda piss me off but then again, life goes on. It doesn't hurt me but it does hurt my feelings.... a lot(I'll be lying to myself if I said 'a bit'). Ah well....

So, end of the first semester of my first year in UNIMAS huh? The exams are okay except for the computer thingy. I just don't get it. I know how to use the computer but I don't know the names of the stupid things inside it which have such complicated names and all. I dislike, hate, despise, loathe it!!!! Urgh!! This rainy weather really make me go on like this....hehe.. That's why I love rainy days. 0_o

Here I am, at home, playing piano; watching National Geographic, Disney, HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, MTV, V Channel; helping mom around the house especially in cooking(bizarre really...I kinda have this conscious mind that it's time for me to learn how to cook at last); reading books and comics; watching Japanese animation cartooons; playing computer games; listening to music; downloading Japanese manga and music legally; buying airline tickets online for some occasions for the holiday; updating my blog, cetera. Why am I babbling so much? Pah!

I guess that's all about now. I have to practise Ballade Pour Adeline since my mom loves to hear me playing it so much. I rather enjoy playing music to someone rather to my own enjoyment because that means I'm lonely and I hate being alone but people in UNIMAS don't even care about it really or is it my own negative thinking about it. Still, it's true.... How lonely I was back in KMPk. I guess I've made some progress in UNIMAS to get rid of this darn loneliness.... I'm digressing again... If you are clever enough, you will notice how digressing I am. I can't stick to one topic alone as I will open another topic regarding to the usual topic but have some connectivity to it.... you know what I mean? No? Well, that's alright. I don't think people will usually care enough to read my blog and care what I think. Nyahaha! You know what I said is true as there are no comments for my blog. People will usually comment at the shout box at the right of your screen right now.

I think I'm pretty bored if I can type this much. Yeah, that's right. I'm bored...

Maybe I should go to e-ruai zoology now... TTFN(Tata For Now)