Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busying in Campus

Oh God, I can't believe how ignorant I am in updating my own blog. Probably of the limited internet connectivity around this campus. Sheesh...

Anyway, I'm having my final exam now. I still have 2 papers left which are Biodiversity and General Chemistry. Truthfully speaking, there are so many things have been happening that I lost track of time. The Hari Raya, The EBX Jualan Day, The Home Concert 3...

Hari Raya Aidilfitri
-Same old, same old except no father to celebrate together with. I still miss him so much.

The EBX Jualan Day of my generic courses, the EBX0032, Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan. My professor said that we need the basic of business as it might come in handy when you graduate. Truth to be told, I think he's right. It's not like I can straight away working with the conservation section or whatever concerns with zoology...probably can be done but the main thing here, you might not like what you have to work for and have some interests in business is good enough to let you live in this world. Yeah, that rainy day... Keep on promoting own stall like mad. Free this, discount that...less here, less there... It's good, fresh, hot... Nonsense all pouring out at the same time. Psycho... Anyway, my group UNTUNG. Ngehehe..

Home Concert 3
-Believe it or not, the lecturer from the Faculty of Applied Creative and Arts asked me to perform for their Home Concert last month. What the...? I'm from the Faculty of Resource Science and Techonology. I don't have time to play around. Since even the president wanted me to perform...I guess I have no choice. I still love performing. I can't deny that. So, the practice went on until the day arrives. Ngehehe... As a pianist and a keyboardist, I can't tell you how bothersome to look at the conductor and the music sheet at the same time but still it's the learning process of becoming a music performer and I love it. I can't fool my own heart how much I love music...

And now, the final examination. Aiyark!! Oh! Waste not a minute, no more. I still need to review some chapters in biodiversity. I'll update my blog ASAP....if I cam make it. I will.