Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tools in Life

I haven't been updating my blog for such a long time. I've finished my 2nd year and on to my final year. For my final year project, I've chosen "Phylogeny studies from selected species of family Sturnidae by using mtDNA cytochrome b (barcoding gene)". Sounds difficult right? Actually, if you really understand it it's not that difficult. Discipline is important in making anything successful including this project. As time goes by, I'm beginning to understand the aspects of life. You have to know your role in this life to fully understand these aspects. My family, friends, and lecturers play roles that are essential in helping me find the answers to my questions. Sometimes, there are certain questions that do not have answers. The answers lie with the Almighty. Right now, I'm undergoing industrial training at Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Negeri Kelantan located at Kubang Kerian. Since I'm a Zoology student, veterinary is not a major subject. Zoology is more towards researching the wildlife and nature. At first, I regretted being here but now, my point-of-view is changing drastically. I see a world I've never seen before. Things I've learnt theoretically must be put into practice. Knowledge is a powerful tool in engaging ourselves in debates around us.We deliver the knowledge and in return, we get the knowledge. Knowledge is limited as they say but I think that theory is unacceptable. Knowledge is a vast thing which everyday we learn new things by making hypothesis, assumptions and gaining proofs along the way. The result that we get is the knowledge to the world. There are still many things that we don't know but we want to know and those curiosity will lead us in finding the answers: Knowledge. Although knowledge is important, fun is crucial too. Like they say, "All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy". Having quality time for yourself is very important especially with your families. I guess I'll stop here for now. To be continued...