Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Monday, June 6, 2011

Please understand us

I thought being already passed 20 will make me have my own thoughts and opinions matter. Alas, I feel like a tissue that's being used and here I am in the trash can. I despise people who love to pout on every single thing that does not go his or her way. Like HELLO! That's the way it is. You can't expect every single being to do your bids! And even if you wanted to, ask nicely! All I said was,"No. Not today". Why was it so troublesome? If you want us to do it, why don't you do it by yourself? Oh yeah. I have to make that person happy. Why must I? I'm not a worker in a company that has to do everything to make the boss happy. Do not blame us for the anger outbreak. You should know why we ARE very mad at you. Oh! You're clueless? What have you done with your brain? If I am the only one who's mad at you, maybe there's something wrong with me BUT if 3 persons feel the same way as I am towards you, now don't you think you're the one to blame? Don't you think you're the source for all this ruckus? Just because we're younger than you, that doesn't mean that our opinions are nothing. We are not items for your agenda!!! You gave us choices! So we chose one! Oh so it was a wrong choice! You didn't like it. If you wish us to follow you without any questions, just say don't ask! When you ask, you give choices. Capiche? I wish you would just understand us. Everything you do is for him. Not for us anymore. Please understand us... We are not yours. We are old enough to stand with our own feet. What you did was a disgrace and sparked anger in all of us. You never understand, I wish you would and I doubt you ever will. We have no support left and we have never regarded you as our support although you've supplied us with everything.