Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Friday, April 24, 2009

Curious of Life

My first time getting into this blog stuff....sure is. I have no idea people will actually love getting into this and now I know why. Sometimes, we need to update things about ourselves or things that we find interesting that we want to tell others about it or something cetera day after day so that our friends will know what's going on in our everyday life. Quite interesting.... Those who love to isolate themselves from others, this is not a good thing or maybe they can lie to people about their life. Hehehe....sounds good to liars, right? I'm the lazy type of person to do this but still, I think it can be fun doing this once in a while. I've just finished my matriculation level. Next stop, university. Time flows and never stop. Keeps on ticking every second. Each second is precious like a long lost treasure. Have you ever wonder what you have been doing all this time? Using every second, every minute, every hour of your lives doing things but are you doing the right thing? You do so many things but is it worth it? I've just realized that we do not live forever. We will leave this world one day but we do not know when. Maybe I'll be gone after this, or tomorrow...who knows. God knows things we do not. That is why I want to treasure this life. Who doesn't? Doing charity and stuff. Do good to people. Do good to myself. If so, why are there people who throw away their life like some kind of garbage? You think by throwing away your lives, you can be alive again? I always wonder about things like this and wanting to ask them why?

You know, I always so curious about lives. One time, I asked myself, if I leave this world will people remember me? Cry for me? And such. Will they be missing me? Sometimes, I wonder if all of my precious family members are to die one day, what will I do? Curiosity kills the cat, as the proverb says, but without curiosity there will be no scientists, no technology and so on. I am one curious human being....