Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Superoot Chocolate and Biology Lecturer

You know, I was just thinking about my Biology lecturer at Perak Matriculation College. It was so funny maybe because I was there. It might not sound funny here... Hmm.. Read the rest if you want to.

Another ordinary day for us, students, going to the lecture halls, to the tutorial rooms, library, science laboratories, student centre and such. For me, I was busy heading towards the largest lecture hall among the other 5 lecture halls, Lecture Hall 5. There I was, going to my usual seat, saying hello to the familiar faces there and waiting for En. Reduan, the Biology lecturer. This happened during the afternoon. So, here we go...

En Reduan: Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon, my boys and girls.
Students(some are giggling, obviously not boys): Waalaikumussalam and Good Afternoon, sir.
En Reduan: Have you had your lunch, boys and girls?
Students: Yes!! (and No!)
En Reduan: Yes? Very good. No? Why? Diet? I have taken my lunch too. I drank this Superoot Chocolate for my lunch. I don't really like drinking this Superoot Chocolate but why I drank it, you might ask? Right? Well, it goes back way last week when I went shopping at this supermarket. I want to buy something else but then I saw this promotion of Superoot Chocolate. Buy One, Free One Umbrella.

When we heard what he just said, we laughed like mad. The way he said it.... XD

En Reduan: Ok what? It's raining season right now. If it's evening, it's raining and if it's raining, it's evening...right or not? Right, right? Ok...let us go back to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Echinodermata.

And that's the end of it. Not that funny, right? Why am I even bother to type this....?

Maybe because I'm bored, I guess...Huhuhuhu...