Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Paranormal Day For Me

I have no idea that today is going to be the creepiest and the most astounding day of my life. You will know soon enough after you read this...

Once upon an evening, my mum said that she wants to go to this ustaz's house to 'cure' my sister. My sister, well, she has been sick for almost a year since Dad died. My father death was not because of the severe disease. He died thanks to the black magic. I don't know who did it but that was just cruel. I remembered my father's face, his appearance on the day he died. I remember it so well sometimes I will cry unconsciously... After he passed away, this 'black magic' that consumed him till his death day got to us. My mother went 'berubat' after that along with my younger sisters. I, however, was not affected. I remember once when I was going to a mini mart following my auntie to buy some things. Suddenly, I felt so cold and an extreme dizziness overwhelmed in a short period of time. I fainted and I regained my consciousness when someone poured water on my face. The lady that owns the mini mart said that I was near to death. I was pale and weak and my whole body felt so strange that I can't seem to understand why these things happening to me. Blood could not be seen on my face as well as my hands and arms and legs. I don't know if this is the work of the black magic.

Well, that was the story of me. Back to my sister. Now, after Asar, we went to the ustaz's house by car. His house is somewhere in Wakaf Bharu. After we reached our destination, ustaz asked my sister to sit in front of him with her back facing him. After seems like hours(actually not), my sister cried so hard I felt like crying too(it's true..I'm soft-hearted) but I did not. My poor sister. So, this is the situation of her getting her 'medication' while I was away in college, I said to myself. Her cry pierced through my heart until I can't bear it. She was trampling all over and I knew that very second that she felt the excruciating pain within her. I held her and told her to calm down and be patient. I told her recite 'dua kalimah syahadah' and every doa she can. She did but.... I guess she was in such a pain that prevent her from doing it. It was very heartbreaking to see the state of my younger sister which is 2 years younger than me. She was crying her heart out and she was sweating so much. After about an hour, it was over. Her body shaken. She was so weak and tired after all she has been going through. After that, we went to my grandmother's sister's house. I was sitting beside my sister in the living room when the slide door of the balcony just at the right of where my sister sat began to rattle. My first thought was maybe a cat outside or the lizard or maybe the wind. Suddenly, the door of a bedroom just the opposite of us opened and you know what, the room was empty. Nobody was inside. Then, the sliding door began to rattle again. More furiously. What the heck? My sister looked horrified and ran straight to the kitchen where my mother, her friend and my grandmother's sister were. I followed her from behind. Obviously, I was horrified of what I've just seen with my own eyes although just the rattling and the opening of door. Sheesh!! STOP PICKING ON MY SISTER, if I can shout and give 'these things' a knuckle sandwich. The reality is I can't. One thing for sure, I have to support my sisters and my mother from these things, if I can. You know what, I will.